Skin Protection During Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Swimming, and More

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1Are you among those enthusiasts who love hitting the waves or enjoying outdoor adventures, but the fear of getting sun damage holds you off? Worry not because you are not alone. We all experience the after-holiday curses in the form of sunburn, tan, or allergies. Then, we wonder why this has happened to me even though I tried taking care of myself with the best skin care products in Pakistan. Well, it’s not about using the products only; it is about shielding the skin in the right way.

Each one of us has experienced this thing that comes back and wonders by looking at ourselves in the mirror, “What happened to my face?” or “OMG, what are these scars?” But not anymore! It’s time to bid farewell to all the damages and practise some good habits as precautionary measures to enjoy happy holidays. So, grab a good, comfy spot and discover some fantastic tips to enjoy your outing on a bright, sunny day.

Don’t Risk by Skipping the Sun Safety Tricks

The increase in the amount of UV lights that reach the planet’s surface can be attributed to the protective ozone layer weakening high in the sky. Ozone, a naturally occurring chemical, reflects almost all UV rays off. These rays are more likely to strike you, increasing the associated risks. Wait, don’t get tricked by the cloudy weather! Because UV rays may penetrate the ozone layer and can still harm your skin even when there are clouds in the sky.

Here are some significant concerns that may be caused due to sun damage:

  • Overexposure to the sun can cause pigmentation, which can develop more as we age and become more noticeable if treatment and protection are not received.
  • Prolonged or excessive sun exposure can seriously increase the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • The skin’s healthy cells suffer harm from sunshine; as a result, it causes wrinkles, age spots, and freckles.

Tips To Enjoy the Sunshine Bliss

1.   Cover Up With Sun-Smart Styling

No, you can’t let the well-nourished skin get damaged. Remember when you struggled hard to find the best moisturiser in Pakistan for yourself? While spending time outside, it’s crucial to cover as much of your skin as possible. It may surprise you to learn that wearing long sleeves does not ensure that the flesh beneath them is protected. Therefore, avoid choosing apparel made of materials with an open or loose weave, like lace. Put on safety gear with a high UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which indicates how well your clothes prevent UV rays from reaching your skin.

2.   Reminder: Sunscreen Every 2 Hours!

Invest in sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more. Use it at least half an hour before stepping out. Although SPF is the best way to shield your skin, sometimes just one layer may not give enough protection for a long time. Even on cloudy days, everyone should apply sunscreen and reapply after swimming or perspiring, as well as every two hours. Including applying sunscreen in your everyday routine is a brilliant idea.

3.   Your Feet Deserve Protection as Well

Hitting the waves barefoot soothes the mind while having a little walk in the flip flops and enjoying the sea breeze truly calms the soul. But what are the after-effects? The feet can really get dried, tanned, and damaged. So, if you wear sandals or slippers or go barefoot, remember to apply sunscreen on your feet, too!

4.   Limit Exposure To Sun Kissed Level Only

It is highly advisable to stay out of the midday sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During such hours, try to avoid doing anything directly in the sun. You may work out outside in the morning or early evening by riding, hiking, swimming, walking, and other activities. A pro tip: Seek shade whenever your shadow seems shorter than you.

5.   Defence of the Damages With Vitamin C

Using the best vitamin C serum is essential since being outside exposes your skin to many types of sun damage. It is a potent antioxidant capable of partially repairing signs of solar defects. Therefore, you should take vitamin C to avoid being hurt if sunburn and black spots emerge.

6.   Accessorise To Shine in the Sunshine

You can protect your skin from UV radiation and give your outfit a little additional flair by accessorising it with the cutest accessories.

●     Cool Shades Are Perfect for a Sunny Day

Seal your look with good sunglasses with UV protection that can shield your eyes. Since the eyes are highly susceptible to sunlight, it protects the retinas. It can even lower the chance of cataracts by covering your eyes and the skin around them from the sun.

●     Wide Brim Hat, Truly the Saviour!

Wearing a hat may be an easy and efficient technique of optimal protection to conceal your neck and face. The finest material to shield your skin from UV radiation is a tightly woven cloth, like canvas. Steer clear of straw hats with gaps that allow light to enter.

●     Shine or Rain, Umbrella Is the Solution.

It’s obvious you can’t carry the shade of a tent or tree if you want to have a walk or for concerns like walking and others. However, taking an umbrella is always a safety measure. You can easily carry the shade wherever you go. Hiding under an umbrella shade can lower the risk of skin cancer and UV damage.

Goodbye, Sunburn. Hello Sun Fun!

Lastly, you may find it challenging at first to practise skin protection habits due to the excitement of the trip, right? But we believe that you can do that! Keep this in your mind that skin safety is mandatory. As you continue to stick to these safety habits and witness their magical outcomes, you will surely get fonder of them. Developing sun safety practices with the best skin care products in Pakistan can not only benefit you now but also positively affect your entire well-being so you don’t miss out on the fun of outdoor adventures.

Have fun and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the great outdoors by prioritising your safety and taking the appropriate safety precautions.

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